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Sunset Dinner Cruise – Gananoque Boat Line

07 September

Gananoque Boat Line, 280 Main Street, Gananoque ON, K7G 2M2
More info: www.ganboatline.com

Enjoy a three-course meal on a 2-hour sunset cruise (6:00 pm – 8:00 pm) as we weave in and out of the many close-knit islands. Relax with live music and the 1000 Islands as your ever-changing backdrop.

A zany blend of Folk, Celtic, Comedy with Roger James. Tasteful blend of comedy and music- an entertaining collision of humour and musical skills.
Comedy need not be offensive or insulting to be hilarious, he delivers his special cocktail of humour and zany musical selections with the help of his banjo, guitars, tin whistle, a soggy goat skin AKA “Bodhran” and his famous invisible band.


Meals Included:
Brie pesto. Roast pork topped with apple wine glaze served with baked potato and seasonal fresh vegetables. Dessert with tea or coffee.