Prize for 11-millionth Gananoque Boat Line customer

Gananoque Boat Line is adding to the excitement about welcoming its 11,000,000th customer next season, by planning a legendary 1,000 Islands prize package to mark the mind-blowing milestone.

The internationally renowned 1,000 Islands tour boat company will be awarding one unsuspecting visitor with $11,000, an island getaway for a week in the heart of the 1,000 Islands, as well as a party cruise for the winner and 250 of their friends! The 11-millionth customer will be at the centre of the celebration next year.

“We’re so proud and honoured to be known as a part of the magnificent 1,000 Islands region, and to be able to offer this reward to one of our visitors,” said Kathy MacRae, director of sales and marketing at the Gananoque Boat Line.

TIAP.GBL-boatWhile admitting that 11 million visitors is a remarkable milestone, MacRae said it speaks to the draw of the natural beauty in the 1,000 Islands – and how world-renowned they are. “We’re so fortunate to have this in our own backyard; the 1,000 Islands region is talked about on an international scale as a must-see natural destination.”

Gananoque Boat Line started humbly by ferrying people across the pristine waters of the St. Lawrence River as a mail run. More than 60 years later, it has now evolved to include five vessels and averages about 300,000 visitors annually. When the boat line celebrated six decades several years ago, the visitor tally had recently rolled through the 10-million mark. It is considered internationally to be a top Canadian tourism experience.

MacRae said the 2015 season will be one of anticipation for the company and customers alike. Not only does the $11,000 prize money coincide nicely with the landmark customer number, but it also removes financial barriers for the winner to actually return to the 1,000 islands region. “It enables the winner to come back and experience the islands from the perspective of an islander,” she said, noting the island accommodation is high-quality. “That will cover return airfare from anywhere in the world, so it truly allows enjoyment of the prize.”

MacRae said Gananoque Boat Line encourages visitors to create traditions while taking friends or family through the incredible 1,000 Islands area, where stories of romance, tragedy, fame and fortune lie nestled among the islands.

GBL-Boldt-CastleWhether it’s a one-hour, two-hour or five-hour cruise, Gananoque Boat Line is a premium way to get among the legendary 1,000 Islands and learn about history and culture. The famously-renovated and romantically-tragic Boldt Castle is a favourite destination and visitors also see opulent cottages, hear intriguing stories of pirates on the St. Lawrence River, and even discover shipwrecks, as the Gananoque Boat Line vessels glide over their watery graves.

Almost 11 million visitors have created memories aboard a Gananoque Boat Lines vessel – and one huge memory is still waiting to be made: awarding the 11-millionth customer with the prize of a lifetime.

“Recognizing the 11-millionth visitor next year will be a thrilling experience – for Gananoque Boat Line and for the lucky winner,” said MacRae. “The excitement is already mounting.”

For more information on the Gananoque Boat Line 11-millionth customer giveaway, please visit or call 1-888-717-4837. For accommodations suggestions and other things to see and do during your island experience, please visit the 1000 Islands Accommodation Partners at

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