Gananoque Boat Line Cruise

Hop on board a Gananoque Boat Line cruise of the 1,000 Islands this summer to hear intriguing stories, stunning views, and unforgettable moments with family and friends.

Gliding through the 1,000 Islands, the Gananoque Boat Line explores culture and untouched beauty as the boat cruises past opulent cottages, spectacular scenery, elaborate castles – and over skeletons of sunken ships, lying deep below the tranquil waters of the St. Lawrence River.

Whether it’s a one-hour, two-hour or five-hour cruise, the Gananoque Boat Line is a premium way to get among the legendary 1,000 Islands and learn about history. Operating for more than 60 years, the boat line’s tours continue to be popular, providing a natural way to relax, while offering a distinctive island experience.

“The 1,000 Islands is such a unique area; it’s like finding a piece of the Caribbean in Ontario,” said Kathy MacRae, director of marketing and sales at Gananoque Boat Line. “As the world gets more fast-paced, it’s still possible to clear your mind and slow down on our calm water, while appreciating the rich cultural and historical aspects of this region.”


Don’t miss out on discovering the Canadian Signature Experience Lost Ships of the 1,000 Islands cruise, which adds to the intrigue of the region by diving deep into the past and exploring several ship wrecks dotting the underwater landscape of the mighty St. Lawrence. Using side-sonar technology and exclusive diver video footage, coupled with compelling commentary and still photos, each wreck is brought to life as the cruise line glides overtop.

Evening cruises provide an opportunity to unwind in an ever-changing setting, with dinner and entertainment on the bill, while music cruises are also scheduled, with high-quality acts promising fun on deck all summer.

New for the 2014 season is a family pass for two adults and two children that translates into big savings. In addition, July 4 is set to brighten up American Independence Day, as the Gananoque Boat Line is taking in the Boldt Castle fireworks for the first time, allowing visitors to view the colourful splendor from the water.

For more information on Gananoque Boat Line events and cruises, please or call 1-888-717-4837. Looking for information about the host community or about reserving accommodation after your boat cruise? Click on

Cruising in the 1,000 Islands – just one of 1,000 points of view.

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