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Thousand Islands Playhouse

Since 1982, the Thousand Islands Playhouse has been producing live, professional theatre with talent drawn from across Canada and the US and has been named the most charming theatre in Canada by CBC Radio.

The Thousand Islands Playhouse brings theatre to life in the scenic 1,000 Islands region. Patrons settle into the intimate atmosphere and lose themselves among the professionally-crafted characters and classic plots in this seasonal theatre experience set gracefully on the St. Lawrence River. The Playhouse is one of the top five summer festivals in Ontario, producing seven high-calibre, professional productions each season in two fully accessible venues that overlook the stunning St. Lawrence River.

Located in the heart of the 1,000 Islands in Gananoque, Ont., the theatre operates two fully-renovated, historic venues: the Springer Theatre and the Firehall Theatre. The Playhouse’s upcoming season touches all emotions and genres, with clever comedies accompanying Canadian classics.

With more than 40,000 attendees taking in shows annually at the venue, the Thousand Islands Playhouse is well-known on the national theatre scene and considered one of the top live theatre experiences in the province.





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