1,000 Islands Pirate Days

Avast, ye matey! Set sail on a pirate adventure this summer, as heritage and fun merge during 1,000 Islands Pirate Days in Gananoque.

pirate-days-captain-jack-sparrow-2On the bill for July 11 to 13, 2014 with buskers, artisans, pirate demonstrations, family games, and live entertainment, 1,000 Islands Pirate Days offers pirate enthusiasts a chance to shine their swords with fellow scallywags. “It’s such a fun and carefree festival – people enjoy dressing up, talking like pirates, and participating in a friendly, unique experience,” said organizer, Kathy MacRae, who is also the marketing director at the Gananoque Boat Line.

The event kicks off with a popular parade on Friday night, during which visitors and community members join together in the carnival-like procession

to Town Park. MacRae said the presence of Johnny Depp’s double, Ronnie Rodiguez, is a big draw for visitors, as he’s approachable, while looking identical to Depp. Appearing at the festival as Captain Jack Sparrow, Rodiguez has been cast as Depp’s double in two Pirates of the Caribbean movies, been featured on national television, and has even replaced Depp in some Hollywood cameo appearances.

Saturday sees the festival awash in live entertainment, children’s activities, musicians, a grog contest, treasure hunt and more. The fun continues into the evening, with a Celtic band encouraging pirates to kick up their heels, as well as a Gananoque Boat Line pirate dinner and music cruise, which explores the St. Lawrence River where real pirates once navigated.

“We marvel at these legendary characters,” said Kathrine Christensen, executive director of the 1000 Islands Accommodation Partners, noting the festival location is ideal from a historical perspective. “It adds an element of authenticity to the event.”

It’s this genuine backdrop that continues to entice people to participate in the modern-day 1,000 Islands Pirate Days in Gananoque.  “This is our heritage,” Christensen said, noting it’s one of the few places in Canada that can boast that experience. “Everything the 1,000 Islands offers is waiting: theatre, helicopter tours, kayaking, beautiful accommodation, boat cruises and more. It’s all here for families to discover. Now we’re adding the excitement of Pirate Days to really push the experience over the top,” she said.

Looking for information about the host community or about reserving accommodation the weekend? Click on http://www.1000islandstourism.com/directory/accommodations/.

Buccaneering fun in the 1,000 Islands – just one of 1,000 points of view.


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